An update on the status of The Beginning

Most of the track is done now, with pretty much everything nearly locked down. The last bit I need to do is add variation to all of the percussive elements, since that hasn’t been done yet.
Been spending a lot of time on the kick, getting it punchy and tight, which is tricky, but I’m getting there. The kick is pretty vital for trance music, so it’s important to get it sitting right – and sounding right, so time will have to be spent on doing just that.

After that is done it comes down to mixing and mastering, which means making it sound as professional as I can. That will no doubt take some time, but will also be an excellent (and frustrating, I’m sure) learning experience. While I have a decent mix right now, it’s too strained and busy, it lacks calm and space – it doesn’t sound professional.

I already know what to move onto after I’m done with The Beginning, but that’ll have to wait until I’m done with it.