The Beginning has been released and it’s free to download!

Yes, finally! It’s a relief to have produced my first complete trance track – and it not being the most terrible thing in the world to boot.

The Beginning (Original Mix)

Let’s also get the links out of the way!

The Beginning Video Teaser 01You can listen to it on SoundCloud, which will allow you to get a free download of it in exchange for a follow.
It’s also available on Bandcamp, for a tiny fee (otherwise the above would be nullified).
I also made an audio reactive video for it, which is naturally on YouTube.

If you want to help me out I wouldn’t mind you liking the Photontic Facebook page. Likewise a follow on the SoundCloud page would be nice as well. 🙂

Now with this released, Photontic will sort of disappear for a little while. The plan is to work on creating a ~3 track EP, which will mean that there won’t be any trance releases until that’s done. I will still be posting on this page though with updates and WIP’s of what I’m working on.

As I’ve mentioned before the name of the track really is the beginning. It’s my first track and as such it’s not the next trance anthem or the most professionally produced/mixed/mastered track, but it’s pretty decent, I think, and is the first step to better music. After all experience is key and with The Beginning I’ve gotten a lot, so it’s now time to put that into use on creating more music.
I will talk a lot more about all of this when I make the post reflecting on the production of the track.

I hope you like The Beginning and I welcome feedback! 🙂


An update on the status of The Beginning

Most of the track is done now, with pretty much everything nearly locked down. The last bit I need to do is add variation to all of the percussive elements, since that hasn’t been done yet.
Been spending a lot of time on the kick, getting it punchy and tight, which is tricky, but I’m getting there. The kick is pretty vital for trance music, so it’s important to get it sitting right – and sounding right, so time will have to be spent on doing just that.

After that is done it comes down to mixing and mastering, which means making it sound as professional as I can. That will no doubt take some time, but will also be an excellent (and frustrating, I’m sure) learning experience. While I have a decent mix right now, it’s too strained and busy, it lacks calm and space – it doesn’t sound professional.

I already know what to move onto after I’m done with The Beginning, but that’ll have to wait until I’m done with it.

Artist name and website reveal

I’ve mentioned before that I had picked an artist name, but that I wouldn’t reveal it until the release of The Beginning. However with the change in plans regarding the release of it, where it will likely be a while as I have to create a few more tracks, I figure I might as well reveal the name now, as well as the (sparse) website.

So without further ado, the name I settled on is: Photontic.

The website is located at and it’s possible to hear a few updated sound bites from The Beginning on it. One on the main intro page and the other on the About page.

There’s not a lot to be found on the website at this point, since I don’t really have much content yet, so for now it’s just sort of a teaser site. As I get more content created the website will expand accordingly.

Small update on The Beginning and things in general

Hey! It’s been a little quiet, so I’ll just throw out a quick update.

The main reason for the silence is that I’ve had a bunch of other stuff to take care of, meaning very little time left for producing music. That’s starting to settle down a bit though, so I should return to music producing very soon.

Another thing regarding The Beginning is that it might not see a release once I finish it, but I’m not sure exactly how to precisely handle it yet. Basically I’ve gotten some advice regarding how to better handle it (compared to my initial release idea), but I might be able to at least do a “small” release of some sort. A bit cryptic, I know, but there’s a risk that I will have to sit on it while I produce another 1-2 tracks, despite I’d rather just release it, but sometimes you have to be smart and listen to the advice of those who know a lot more about the business than you do. 🙂

The general state of The Beginning is that there’s still a few things left to do. It’s funny how all these seemingly minor things end up taking so much time, but I guess that’s how it is. It’s mainly tweaks to improve the overall track, but I also have to add a bit of melody to the later part of the breakout which I haven’t quite nailed down yet. The track has reached WIP 063 now, so as you can imagine it’s gone through a lot of changes since WIP 001 that was posted here.

I’m anxious to finish it, especially since new ideas are starting to creep into my brain that I want to start working on. And hopefully I can release it in some form once I complete it. 🙂