Some New Trance – Now With Electric Guitar

For a while now I’ve been thinking about putting rock elements into trance, probably because I’m still a rocker at heart (I’m fairly new to trance), so I thought it might be interesting to see if that could be done properly.

I’ve also been working on other things and continue trying to improve my overall sound and production, which I think this current track demonstrates is happening.

Without much more fanfare, have a listen to this WIP of some progressive trance with added electric guitar.


The Beginning has been released and it’s free to download!

Yes, finally! It’s a relief to have produced my first complete trance track – and it not being the most terrible thing in the world to boot.

The Beginning (Original Mix)

Let’s also get the links out of the way!

The Beginning Video Teaser 01You can listen to it on SoundCloud, which will allow you to get a free download of it in exchange for a follow.
It’s also available on Bandcamp, for a tiny fee (otherwise the above would be nullified).
I also made an audio reactive video for it, which is naturally on YouTube.

If you want to help me out I wouldn’t mind you liking the Photontic Facebook page. Likewise a follow on the SoundCloud page would be nice as well. 🙂

Now with this released, Photontic will sort of disappear for a little while. The plan is to work on creating a ~3 track EP, which will mean that there won’t be any trance releases until that’s done. I will still be posting on this page though with updates and WIP’s of what I’m working on.

As I’ve mentioned before the name of the track really is the beginning. It’s my first track and as such it’s not the next trance anthem or the most professionally produced/mixed/mastered track, but it’s pretty decent, I think, and is the first step to better music. After all experience is key and with The Beginning I’ve gotten a lot, so it’s now time to put that into use on creating more music.
I will talk a lot more about all of this when I make the post reflecting on the production of the track.

I hope you like The Beginning and I welcome feedback! 🙂

iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Spotify etc. and how we went 20 years backwards…

This is something that has been on my mind for years now and it’s still bugging me, especially because it can become a real problem at one point…

I want you to consider this before we go on, because it really is the staple of what I’m writing here: The CD (Compact Disc) was released over 30 years ago. Yes, it’s been that long. For over 30 years we’ve had a standard in audio quality that was pretty good, and what a lot of us have come to expect as the bare minimum in terms of audio quality. But this has changed – we have gone over 30 years back in terms of audio quality. Think about that for a second. With all our technology advances, we (well, not everyone) have somehow accepted getting worse audio quality – and for no reason at all. That is kind of peculiar, isn’t it? And the worst part is that it’s driving the market.

It’s 2015 and we should have wide access to 24-bit/48 kHz music as the standard, but instead that standard is 320 kbit MP3. What happened?

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