This track is an experiment to change the way I create music, which will hopefully allow me to actually finish a track! I’m basically going to be a lot less focused on “OMG, IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!” and instead keep in mind that it has to be finished. 🙂

The track is inspired by Fady & Mina feat. Romi Cage – Don’t Wait (Original Mix).

Surge (WIP 103)



This is the track I am currently working on. What you can hear is the intro segment that will change as the track is altered into fit with the breakout part and the new scale of the track.

The breakout part took me a while to make because it was difficult to get a proper “hands in the air” feeling going, but I think I got a pretty good result. Right now there’s only the synth playing the notes (and the synth sound might get tweaked a bit still), but there’s of course going to be more going on in the full breakout part.

Prototype (WIP 38)

Prototype (WIP 78) – Breakout part




A project I got stuck on – the part after the piano segment is particularly messy for instance.
Never the less I feel it contains some good elements that are worth going back to at some point. 🙂

Reload (WIP 11)




DYME is the acronym for the full title of this track, which I have yet to reveal. The track started with the idea you can hear here and never really managed to make it any further. I hope to pick it up again some day and complete a track around it.

The vocals are by Veela from her sample pack “Siren by Veela” by Black Octopus Sound.

Interestingly the “alarm horn” sound whatever is made in Reason and pulled into Studio One. Also this is what I use as the ringtone on my phone. 😛



Always Here


Another track I got stuck on, but it does have some good ideas I think. Maybe one day I’ll return to it…

This was made in Reason.

Always Here (WIP Intro & Break 20)




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