Here’s some artists that I admire and who inspire me to push forward and become better at making music. They’re also artists that I will often listen to, to learn and get ideas from by analyzing their music the best I can. 🙂

There’s however many great trance producing artists that could just as well be mentioned here, but for the sake of not creating a list way too long and repeating myself for a lot of artists, I’ve chosen to keep it fairly to the point and only include those that really stand out to me. This is not to take anything away from any other artists that make music I enjoy, but I can’t mention everyone, and I sort of feel bad that I can’t, which is why I had to write this paragraph as well. 🙂
Never the less make no mistake that I gather inspiration from basically all trance artists I listen to, because they’re all making amazing stuff.

I also decided to not include what you could argue are obvious influences, like Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and so on for classical music, because they are of course immensely inspirational as well. 🙂

The list is in no particular order.


Sean Tyas

Sean is my go-to guy for non-vocal trance, which might not sound like the praise it is. My favourite sub-genre is by far vocal trance, but there’s also non-vocal that I like, of course. However anything Sean releases is pretty much a hit in my book. Sean I would say rocks his own little style, which just seems to sit well with me. As I’m basically doing non-vocal stuff I get a ton of inspiration from his tracks because they push the boundaries within the genre and are generally just bad-ass. 🙂
Naturally his vocal trance tracks are also top-notch, let’s not forget that. 🙂

I’ve also learned a good few things from a few studio videos he made where he talked about producing – great stuff! He said he wanted to do more once he completed his album, which is no longer an album, but hasn’t happened so far. Hopefully it will at some point! 🙂

I often listen to Sean’s music to understand things and learn, because it’s a style that I wouldn’t mind being able to do to a degree at least, but I’m obviously far from being able to do what he does. Never the less they’re great tools to pick up things from, to the best of my ability. 🙂


Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin has made some killer vocal tracks, not to mention together with the wonderful Emma Hewitt, but even more so his sets are absolutely awesome. Seeing him during sets at festivals is a pure delight. His energy when up there is just inspiring and you can clearly see this is a man who’s doing what he loves doing. Keep it up, Jeff – and keep doing it without drugs and drinking. You’re awesome and seeing you jump around and everything is just life-affirming and inspiring!

Likewise I also often listen to Dash Berlin tracks to learn and pick up ways of doing things, there’s some pretty nice details in them here and there. 🙂



Klayton does amazing things by bending and blending genres, as well as nice drum and guitar work. It’s quite inspiring to hear, although I’m not really venturing into that stuff (yet), it does give me ideas for things I can do within what I am doing. And hey, it’s awesome music!

For instance I have this idea for a piano piece based around some of the aspects that makes trance trance and then inject some industrial elements into it. This idea sort of stems from listening to Celldweller music and I hope I can pull it off at some point. 🙂


Blue Stahli

Bret, much like Klayton, bends and blends genres in a fantastic way. Basically everything I said about Celldweller applies to Blue Stahli as well. Also I want to see a buddy-cop comedy with Bret and Klayton – that would be hilarious! 😉 But yeah, Bret makes awesome and inspiring music that gives me ideas and inspires me to go crazy with things at times. 🙂


Jeff Kurtenacker

Jeff is not only incredibly talented, he is also an awesome and down-to-earth guy. He has my gratitude for actually taking the time to help me along in making music and learning to play the piano.

He’s a great source of inspiration when it comes to piano pieces and more classical orchestral stuff. He also has a great ability to mix bits of other genres into otherwise classically arranged compositions, which is amazing and even more inspiring (I love that stuff)!


Imogen Heap

Imogen does a lot of inspiring things with her music by using all manners of instruments, and things that aren’t even instruments, then pulls it all together to create fantastic music. She has a great mind for music, which is easy to see when you listen to her music. She pushes things in new and uncommon directions but always create amazing music from it.

And you must have respect for someone who can pull off a song like “Hide And Seek“. The ability to create a song that grabs you and takes you for a ride, only using her voice and a vocoder (and possibly a few other effects) – amazing stuff.

I made two particles-driven-by-music videos using her track “The Fire” which can be seen here and here. It’s a pretty good track for driving particles, thus ideal to use while I was playing around with the particles-driven-by-music concept. 🙂



BT is one of a kind. His understanding of music and how to manipulate it and bend it to do his will is extraordinary. He’s just a step ahead of everyone else in my book. I have the utmost respect for his work because it blows my mind. His attention to detail and ability to throw weird sounds into tracks and just have them work is phenomenal.

Listening to his music gives me ideas and inspiration, not to mention pushes me to try out weird things, because you never know if it will work.

BT is simply put a god of music and if anyone asked me who I wanted to teach me about music I would answer “BT” before they even finished the question. The man is a legend and just so talented that it’s hard to describe.

He might not always get the acclaim he deserves, but if you know music you also know that this man is something else and that he has a talent few come close to.

I made a particles-driven-by-music video for his and JES‘ track “Every Other Way” a while back and BT really liked it, even had it on his site, so that was cool! Great track as well – it’s always a hit when BT and JES get together. 🙂




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