The silence will end soon – and The Beginning cover art

I’ve been a little silent, but it’s basically because I’ve been busy. The good news? The Beginning is finished and it looks like I will be releasing it as well. This will more than likely happen very soon as I’m in the final stages of getting everything ready to do a release.

I will write a post sort of reflecting on The Beginning at some point after the release. Basically just write down thoughts of where I ended up with the track, things I learned while working on it and so on. Should be interesting, I think.

Likewise I also have another review to post here very soon, so that’s something!

I also need to compile my Annual Trance List for 2015, and I already know what my favourite track of 2015 is.

I might also start writing some tutorials here on the site (or perhaps elsewhere). A lot of them will probably be Studio One specific though, but we’ll see. I do have a few ideas for knowledge I could share (and seems to be otherwise generally missing from the internet).

At any rate I’m happy that I’ve finished The Beginning and I’m looking forward to working on new stuff, putting what I learned to good use and gain more experience, which should hopefully result in even better music in the future. 🙂

I will leave you with the cover art for The Beginning.

The Beginning Cover (1024)


Trance 08 update, all the way to 26! Such uplifting!

So quite a bit has happened with Trance 08 since I last posted an update. It’s actually closing in on being a full track now, which I guess is kind of nice? 🙂
But since so much has happened with it, I figure it’s time for an update, so here you go! Current big problem is that the middle of it is a little, well, boring. It’s missing something right now, so I’ll have to look into that and I already have a few ideas for what I can try out.

Anyway, give it a listen and feedback is as always appreciated! 🙂

Trance 08 – 26

Trance 08 update – now we’re at 14!

Just playing around some more with this Trance 08 track (until I move it into a proper track and starting real work on it). I’m still sorting out melodies and chord progressions while trying various things. It’s important to note that what you’re hearing here is just ideas and not necessarily something that’ll end up in the proper track.

But yeah, a whole bunch of stuff has been played around with. For instance there’s sort of a proper build-up into a drop now. I think it works quite well, but would need some fleshing out to really work – the idea is there at least.

Anyway, give it a listen! 🙂

Trance 08 – 14

Trance 08 – 05, chord progressions and melodies and a secret track

Remember Cover 01 (2048)I’ve been a little quiet, so here’s an update on a few things! 🙂

I finished a track about a week ago, however it won’t be made completely public quite yet (but hopefully soon). It’s a piano and strings piece and it turned out really well, if you ask me. There’s a few reasons why I won’t post it here yet, but it is out there and you can find it if you look beyond this site. 🙂
I made a cover for it as well, which you can see out to the right.

I’ve also been working a lot on chord progressions and melodies, and I think I’m getting a lot more comfortable with that whole thing. The piano/strings piece I just mentioned is an example of that, but more so is this little thing I’ve been working on, that I probably have to turn into an actual track. So check out what is currently Trance 08 – 05 below. 😛

Trance 08 – 05

Some random trance creation: Trance 06 – 02

Just had a bit of a go on some random trance melody and such. I want to spend a little time crafting some random trance melodies, just to get a bit more comfortable with it, before I head back to work on Surge.

This little soundbite is an example of that, so go ahead and check it out! 🙂

Trance 06 – 02

Starset – Telescope mixing challenge result

I won! Pretty cool for my first venture into mixing – does give one a bit of confidence. 🙂

I’ll certainly be participating in some of the other challenges as time permits, so I can continue learning and improve my technique and know-how. There’s without a doubt still plenty of things to learn, not to mention the importance of experience. 🙂

A mixing challenge: Starset – Telescope

In a Studio One group on Facebook there’s these mix challenges happening every now and then. For the most recent one I decided to give it a go. Figured it’d be a nice little distraction to clear my mind of Surge for a bit, as well as a good way to learn more about mixing through simply doing it.

I haven’t mixed anything before, let alone of this type of music (pop/rock). I’ve only done random stuff to make the WIP’s I post sound somewhat decent, but no real mixing in any sense. It was a fun experience and I learned a good amount of things during it.

If you’re not familiar with what mixing (not to be confused with remixing and often confused as mastering) actually entails, it basically means taking all the source recordings and so on and making it sound good. 🙂
Adjusting volume levels and panning of the different elements in the song to give a good balance, as well as adjusting the volume of them during the track to create the proper “feel” and create a balance in that sense as well.
Applying EQ and sidechaining to make things sit properly and not overlap, creating space for the different elements.
Combining it all to make it “loud” while still maintaining dynamics and air… You know… Stuff like that!

Anyway, this is how the “original mix” sounds:

And this is the mix I created:

I’m generally pretty satisfied with the result. For a first try doing something like this, I think I managed pretty decently. There’s still things I could sit down and tweak, but the deadline (for the mix challenge) was approaching and it was time to just leave it. 🙂

I’m a published author (of sorts) on Studio One Expert!

As you might be aware, the DAW that I use is Studio One (version 3, professional) from PreSonus.
Recently I managed to make a new friend, one who works on the Studio One Expert website, which is a wonderful resource for Studio One users. Incidentally him and I managed to connect during the live stream event(s) announcing the new Studio One version 3 a little while back, simply by us being equal amounts of silly.

He quickly tried to get me to write for Studio One Expert, something I’m not entirely sure I’m capable of with my limited experience, both with music production and the program itself. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time and I don’t feel I’m in much of a position to teach anyone anything in these matters. 😛

Never the less I did write a small article for the site, as I wanted to highlight a feature in Studio One that not everyone might know about, but is a great tool when working with multiple MIDI tracks. If you want to read that, head on over to the article on Studio One Expert.

In the future I might write some more articles for the site. It’s at least something we’ve talked about and there are some ideas for things I could possibly write about. I’m all for helping out people with the knowledge I’ve gained, but there are also a whole lot of people way more suited for it, but if none of them do it, then I might as well… 🙂