Hello, I’m Viper! Or, well… My real name is Torben Andersen and I’m just a random guy who resides in the lovely country of Denmark and do what a Viking must do to survive: Endure! 😉

Besides trying to make music I also do graphics, video, photography and programming – all equally horribly! 🙂


So what is this site all about?

It’s sort of an attempt at helping me progress in my music making as well as a place where I can post my music, talk about it and the things I do in relation to it. So while it’s a bit about getting exposure, the main idea behind it is to hopefully get people a bit involved and help me along.
My main purpose is to share what I create and hear what people think about it, because through that I will be able to tell what I’m doing right and wrong. Simply saying you like something specific in a track goes a long way, but of course knowing what I’m doing wrong is even better – and I’m very open to constructive criticism, because it’s an ideal way for me to learn and get better.

The problem is that I have a lot of started tracks but basically only one finished, which is a short drum & bass track I made years ago in Reason. Technically I do have a few other completed tracks, mainly piano pieces, but they don’t really count as a huge production track kind of thing.
Obviously I’m not all too happy about the situation where I can’t seem to finish my tracks and just get stuck so I’m trying this. A site where I can post my stuff as I work on it and hopefully people will help me along by giving me feedback or basically just making sure I keep working on it.

I know that one of my problems is that I’m too perfectionistic and have too high expectations for myself. I somehow think I need to create the next big trance anthem or it won’t be good enough, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. I need to allow myself to suck, which I will, because hey, I’m learning, and instead shift the focus on actually getting tracks done, because if I don’t I’m going to be perpetually stuck I believe – and I don’t want that. 🙂


Why music?

I’ve always been interested in making music (and I LOVE listening to music – I do it pretty much constantly, because music is pretty damn awesome) which is something that goes back to the days of the Amiga with Tracker software, but it’s only in the past few years I’ve started actually doing something about it. It’s been an on/off sort of thing (a lot of off), but I’ve slowly been progressing whenever I’ve sat down trying to figure things out and make something. Likewise this is an attempt to make it a more on than off thing. 🙂

I have no music training and I have no idea what I’m doing, but that isn’t stopping me – I’m basically just trying to figure it out as I go along.


Music focus

My main focus in terms of music style is EDM (Electronic Dance Music) with trance as the primary genre. Drum & bass is also something I like doing, but currently it’s all about trance.

More “classical” pieces are also very fun to make and I quite enjoy doing them. It’s a great way to learn about chords, note progression and melodies I feel.
The piano in itself is an amazing instrument with the amount of emotion it can convey – then add some strings as well and things just get crazy awesome. I’m certainly looking to create more piano pieces, and some with added strings.


What do they call me?

I have yet to decide on an artist name (I got to have that, right?) and it’s not going to be Viper, I can tell you that much. 🙂 Viper is after all just my online name for use in games and what not. And yes, it’s very unique! 😉 But hey, Top Gun (that’s where I got it from). I tried changing it once but people wouldn’t let me, so I guess I’m stuck with it. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll come up with something I like at some point and suggestions are of course welcome! 🙂


All the software in the world

I started using Propellerhead Reason because its workflow appealed to me (yay, cables!) and I own Reason 6.5 (and a few Rack Extensions), which has been upgraded since I bought Reason 5 + Record 1.5 way back when. Since then I have switched to PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional, now up to version 3, which I ended up buying after a bunch of research into DAWs and which could meet my needs.
I had a brief stint into Ableton Live after being pressured to try it by friends and I almost purchased it, but learning about all its faults (mainly for production) I decided against it – there was just too many missing features (Plug-in Delay Compensation (PDC) being a huge one) and such I couldn’t accept having to work around. Some things have gotten better during version 9, but that initial version upgrade didn’t help persuade me either (it was around the time version 9 got announced that I was looking to buy), and it still has core issues (like the PDC).

I’m glad my friends pushed me to move away from Reason (hi Søren and Patrick!) because honestly I’m doing so much more now and doing it so much better/faster. Going back to Reason I can really see how slow the workflow is, at least to me, and how I was generally limited. I do miss Reason at times though. The whole concept of being able to pretty much patch up stuff in all manners of weird ways and what have you using cables is pretty awesome, which is also part of the reason (hoho) I bought u-he’s Bazille as it’s a modular synth that gave me a bit of that Reason feeling. The synth itself is awesome though and super fun to play around with – I highly recommend it!

In short I’m happy I ended up with Studio One and I’ve had a great time with it so far. It’s technically sound, which I think is a huge plus, and I like the workflow. I have also since bought plenty of VST’s (VST is a plug-in format which allows a DAW (that supports VST) to use 3rd party synths, effects and what not) and I’m still looking into getting more (so much great stuff out there!). I probably have too many synths, but most have been bought on sales anyway so I’ve gotten them fairly cheap – still a little silly, but hey! 😛

If you want to see the list of music software I own and use, one such can be seen here.

I know though that VST’s won’t magically make me capable of making fantastic music, so a lot of focus is on learning concepts around music and sound design, which is both interesting and mind-blowing. I’m starting to understand a bit of music theory (something I really should do some more studying of) and it’s completely amazing. Problem is of course that it’s much more fun putting in notes, turning knobs and what not than reading a book – never the less it’s something that needs to happen as well, because knowing more of the foundation of music will surely help me. Not to mention learning to actually play the piano…;)


Join me for the ride

Anyway I hope you will join me in this adventure and help me become better at making music! 🙂 If you do, thank you so much! 🙂

And remember if I do end up making it big you can then say that you were here from the beginning when I was unknown and didn’t have a clue. 😛 That’s something, right? RIGHT? 😀




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