A quick update on The Beginning

Just thought I’d make it known what the status of the track is, since there won’t be any more WIP’s posted. The reason for that? It’s close to being done. Yes, my very first actual track is close to being done – that’s pretty damn exciting (for me at least 😉 )!

The more detailed status is that I’m currently working on the intro portion of the track. I’m not entirely happy with it right now, so I still need to try some things out to get it to a state I can sign off on.

After that I’ll start doing some small tweaks if I feel there’s a need. Try out some different things to see if I can enhance any particular part with what ideas I have.
Then of course after that there’s mixing and mastering, but I’ve sort of done a lot of that already. Never the less it’s still going to take a bit of time to do properly.

I’m really looking forward to releasing my first ever trance track very soon! It’s been a very long journey to get to this point, so it’s really exciting to see that I’m about to reach that goal. 🙂


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