The Beginning is Trance 08 evolved!

Looks like I will manage to finally complete a track! Trance 08 has now evolved into what it will become once I complete it, which is “The Beginning”. The right name for what will become my first completed track. 🙂

With that said I’ve made more progress and I’m starting to flesh out the rest of the bits of the track, which is mostly the intro and outtro at this point. The focus now is to get that done and then fiddle more with all the small things here and there, because there’s certainly things I want to improve.

Anyway, here you go – the latest (and first, heh) WIP of The Beginning!

The Beginning (WIP 001)

A few notes about the track, for those interested: Hive is used for the main pluck as well as the lead sound, and I’ve made both of those sounds myself. Spire, Serum and Nexus are used for other sounds, with mostly tweaked presets.
It’s in C# minor and the BPM is 138.

And in closing here’s the cover for this particular track. 🙂

Cover 01 (2048)



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