A mixing challenge: Starset – Telescope

In a Studio One group on Facebook there’s these mix challenges happening every now and then. For the most recent one I decided to give it a go. Figured it’d be a nice little distraction to clear my mind of Surge for a bit, as well as a good way to learn more about mixing through simply doing it.

I haven’t mixed anything before, let alone of this type of music (pop/rock). I’ve only done random stuff to make the WIP’s I post sound somewhat decent, but no real mixing in any sense. It was a fun experience and I learned a good amount of things during it.

If you’re not familiar with what mixing (not to be confused with remixing and often confused as mastering) actually entails, it basically means taking all the source recordings and so on and making it sound good. 🙂
Adjusting volume levels and panning of the different elements in the song to give a good balance, as well as adjusting the volume of them during the track to create the proper “feel” and create a balance in that sense as well.
Applying EQ and sidechaining to make things sit properly and not overlap, creating space for the different elements.
Combining it all to make it “loud” while still maintaining dynamics and air… You know… Stuff like that!

Anyway, this is how the “original mix” sounds:

And this is the mix I created:

I’m generally pretty satisfied with the result. For a first try doing something like this, I think I managed pretty decently. There’s still things I could sit down and tweak, but the deadline (for the mix challenge) was approaching and it was time to just leave it. 🙂


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