Surge updates and TrackSpacer from Wavesfactory

One thing I’ve been struggling with is keeping my track “open” and “big”, and not at the same time be straining (harsh sounding), so I did some research on that and made some changes accordingly. I think I’ve succeeded pretty well for now at least. Considering the track isn’t final (far from it) there’s no reason to spend too much time getting a perfect mix, but I at least wanted to have the knowledge now and make my track sound a bit less straining (mainly for my own sake as I’m the one who’s listening to it quite a bit, over and over again… 😛 ).

I’ve also done some work on the percussion elements, making them more interesting. Might still need a bit of tweaking here and there, but I’ll look into that later. The clap sample has also been replaced, as I never felt the old one really sat well, but the new one does. I also added a cymbal crash, because hey, got to have that, right? 🙂

The top melody has also seen a slight change in that I’ve removed two notes for better flow. 🙂

Surge (WIP 103)

I’ve also scrapped the entire current (old) intro and working on a new one. I got an idea for something I could do and I figured I might as well start from scratch now that I have a some melodic elements that I can utilize during the intro segment.
It’s also important to note that these current WIP updates are not representations of how it’s going to be in the track. It’s basically a small little segment that has been made as I was making the chord progression and melody, so that I could have it in context of a track setting to see how it works.

I also recently discovered a plug-in called TrackSpacer from Wavesfactory. It’s a great little simple plug-in that I’m currently using as “frequency sidechain compression”, having replaced some of the compressors otherwise doing that in the track. What I mean by “frequency sidechain compression” is that the plug-in works as an EQ, where you send in a sidechain signal and it then applies “compression” on the frequencies that are active in the that signal to where you have the plug-in. You can control how much (compression), the attack and release, panning or work in mid/side mode, as well as HP and LP filter the sidechain signal. Basically it’s just a more surgical sidechain compression where you only actually compress the frequencies you need, instead of the entire signal.
Right now it’s running on the basses, triggering from the kick. It’s also on the bus that has all tracks going into it, except for the lead sound and kick, helping create a bit more room for the lead (it’s the one triggering the compression) when everything else is playing.


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