I’m a published author (of sorts) on Studio One Expert!

As you might be aware, the DAW that I use is Studio One (version 3, professional) from PreSonus.
Recently I managed to make a new friend, one who works on the Studio One Expert website, which is a wonderful resource for Studio One users. Incidentally him and I managed to connect during the live stream event(s) announcing the new Studio One version 3 a little while back, simply by us being equal amounts of silly.

He quickly tried to get me to write for Studio One Expert, something I’m not entirely sure I’m capable of with my limited experience, both with music production and the program itself. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time and I don’t feel I’m in much of a position to teach anyone anything in these matters. 😛

Never the less I did write a small article for the site, as I wanted to highlight a feature in Studio One that not everyone might know about, but is a great tool when working with multiple MIDI tracks. If you want to read that, head on over to the article on Studio One Expert.

In the future I might write some more articles for the site. It’s at least something we’ve talked about and there are some ideas for things I could possibly write about. I’m all for helping out people with the knowledge I’ve gained, but there are also a whole lot of people way more suited for it, but if none of them do it, then I might as well… 🙂


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