A different Surge update

I was trying to make some progress on Surge yesterday, but my brain wasn’t quite having it. So instead I jumped into Photoshop and played around with making a new cover, because the current one was just something silly I threw together quickly.

I wanted something that was visually interesting and that I could re-use for other tracks, which this allows me to do (especially since I can easily change the entire color scheme).

So uh, yeah… Here it is!

Cover 03 (1024)

Here’s a few quick color variations I made, just to try out some alternatives.

Cover 03 (1024) - Alt 03Cover 03 (1024) - Alt 02Cover 03 (1024) - Alt 01
Besides that I’m working on the track, trying to really nail a good chord progression/melody, since I’m not entirely happy with what I have. My latest attempt (which I haven’t posted) was… Not good… 😛


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