We’re breaking out the Surge! Uplifting trance is a go!

The other day I mentioned that it’d probably be a while before you’d see another update to Surge… But, uh… Nope!

As I described in my previous post things sort of clicked today and I decided to put my new-found knowledge into effect, so I opened up Surge and started creating the lead melody and sound.
Much to my surprise I had something going in about an hour… I then dragged in stuff from the intro segment to put it all into a bit of context and see how it all worked out…

Apparently quite well. I’m pretty excited for what I managed to create in such a short time, and it’s only the beginning – a first draft!

So by all means give it a listen and feedback is as always much appreciated! =)

Surge (WIP 041)


One response to “We’re breaking out the Surge! Uplifting trance is a go!

  1. That opening was absolutely gorgeous, really felt it.
    feels like the buildup from 0-20 could be drawn out a bit more without hurting the flow, maybe.
    Also wonder what the bass kicking in around 0:55 would sound like with the clap you already got going on, slowly rising in volume and clearness(if that makes any sense)

    Great work 🙂

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