The keys to the kingdom of music theory!

Something amazing just happened… As I’ve mentioned before I’ve done a lot of poking at that music theory beast to get a better foundation to build music from, as well as just a general portion of understanding (I guess that goes hand-in-hand really).

I’ve spent the past 3 or so hours on a site called Hooktheory. This site has a huge collection of chord progressions from popular songs, but what’s truly amazing is that they’re really well visually shown together with the music playing. This means that you can clearly follow what’s happening and match it to the song.

I started out being fairly confused with what I was looking at. It was a lot of unconnected dots for me. I knew the different elements of if, but I didn’t understand how it was connected. But I just kept looking and listening to songs that I knew (mainly from the beginner category) and it slowly started to make sense. I started connecting the dots and it ended up with it finally clicking with me. Suddenly it all made sense. I now have a much bigger understanding of these elements, how to use them and how they’re connected. The things that were up in the air before and I couldn’t quite figure out how to use, because most of it was partial information, I now do. I now get it.

I am super freaking excited now. Obviously this doesn’t mean that I’ll throw out a hit tomorrow, but it means that I have a much better tool set to work with. Now I have to practice using this and getter better at it through experience – knowing is only half the battle!
Never the less, the feeling of it suddenly clicking and feeling like an entirely new world has opened up for you, is pretty damn amazing!


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