Some Studio One 3 and Surge news

So yesterday was pretty exciting – the new version (3) of Studio One was announced (and made available) by PreSonus.
It brings a ton of really cool new features, like the scratchpad, which is brilliant and I can’t wait to use it. I’m not going to mention all the new stuff, because you can find all that explained on their site.
Overall a really substantial update which solidifies Studio One as a DAW to reckon with. It’s still missing some UX things that I outlined in the big post I wrote on their forum, but considering the timing of that post there wasn’t really time to react to much of what I was suggesting. Hopefully some of my suggestions will make it in during updates for version 3. I know that the head honcho at PreSonus Software (Arnd Kaiser) has read my post (he commented on it at least), so I guess there’s hope. 🙂
At any rate I plan on upgrading to version 3 as soon as I have the money available to do so. 🙂

Regarding Surge I’ve played around with it a bit, trying out various things. For one I’ve stripped down the intro segment you’ve heard already by removing the main mid bass arp that kind of drove it. I was never really happy with how it sounded and I also think it ended up crowding the spectrum too much.
The next step is to create the lead melody and sound, so I can use parts of that in the earlier segments of the track (like during the intro and breakdown). It might be a little while before you hear an update of the track again, but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂


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