Trance 04 – playing around with a chord progression

Just had a little fun earlier today playing around with a progressive trance chord progression. Turned out fairly well, so here’s what it ended up sounding like.

Contains a lead sound, a bassline with 2 layers and percussion. Nothing fancy, but sounds alright!

Trance 04 – 03

Interestingly enough I started making it without looking at the circle of fifths, but just sort of went by ear. Then I checked afterwards and I had actually managed to do what I wanted to in terms of using the right chords and when. So yeah, small victory there! 😉


An update to the trance music theory thing, just because!

Done a bit more work on that Trance 03 music theory learning bit I posted the other day.
I tweaked the pad a bit, should sit a bit better now.
I also added a (3) layered bassline, because I haven’t done that before. Don’t think it sits quite right – it’s rhythmically a bit off compared to the main melody, so I have to look into that.
Did a few other minor changes – extended the segment a bit as well, because I can!

Trance 03 – 08


Melodic advancements!

As mentioned I’ve been having fun with music theory and I think I’m starting to be able to use some of it, although only simply so far, but it’s a start!

I’ve made this little pluck melody sort of thing that actually has a sense of melody and that it’s “going places” instead of just being random stuff that sort of sounds good (circle of fifths, heyooo!).
I then threw in a pad to help fill up the spectrum and to try to have it work with the overall melody. This was something I was “scared” of doing, as I’ve not done pads before and it seems to be a little tricky. Never the less you don’t progress if you avoid it, so here we go. 🙂

On top of that I threw in some other random bits and pieces to create a little segment that was more than just the pluck and pad. Anyway, give it a listen!

Trance 03 – 03

Studying music theory – and damnit Cosmic Gate!

It’s a bit quiet these days as I’m knee-deep in music theory, which both means reading and trying to comprehend stuff, as well as putting these things into practice by making random things to use what I’ve learned (or think I’ve learned ;)). So far it’s going quite well I think and I’m starting to understand more and more.

As mentioned before I’m basically taking this step back and trying to get a better foundation before I jump back into things. I realized that I was pretty much in over my head and too confused by a lot of half-knowns and such. What have previously been my way of learning; jump into things and just figure it out as I went along, seemed to not be the most ideal thing for learning to make music and I think I wasn’t doing myself any favours doing it that way. So now it’s reading books, online resources, getting to basics down and all that jazz.


I want to end by giving both my praise as well as my disappointment to Cosmic Gate. Why? Well, they released a different version of their track “Yai”, called “Yai (Here We Go Again)” where they added vocals by JES (which is always a good thing to do!). This track now has this absolutely amazing 2-minute build-up driven by JES’ vocals and phenomenal work with the pluck, pad and so on. When you reach the end of it you’re freaking ready to just completely explode in a cloud of euphoria… But… The track just basically collapses on itself. There’s no release. It’s just… Disappointment… 😦 Such a missed opportunity, because that build-up is truly amazing.
Check the video below – it jumps in basically where the build-up starts and then you can hear for yourself.