Strings and circle of fifths chord progression

Been trying to understand the circle of fifths concept a bit more and I think I’m trying to figure out how to actually use it. I understood the concept of reading it before, that’s fairly easy to comprehend, but I didn’t quite understand how to actually put it to use (this is due to a few other factors where I’m not entirely sure that what I know is actually entirely correct, there might be a few wires that has been crossed or something…).

Playing around with it I made a little chord progression, just to put it to use. Can’t say it’s using the concept entirely correctly, but at the end of the day, with music, it’s if it sounds good or not, not if it fits within “the rules”. You can then always argue if what I made sounds good or not… 😛
Anyway I first just made a progression, something that sounded good (?) and I believe fit with the circle of fifths concept. Then I made some transitions for the last 1/4 of the bar to move into the next bar. Again it’s just an 8-bar segment, like the previous strings tests, so nothing fancy. I then copied the segment to the other parts of the string quintet and shifted the octaves accordingly. That ended up sounding like this:

Strings 01 – 04

I then did what I did in the previous strings tests I posted and shifted the 2nd violins and violas to create chord triads together with the 1st violins. That version sounds like this:

Strings 01 – 05

Doing these things will hopefully help me understand more of the basic concept of music creation and help me progress with a more solid foundation. It’s a lot of experimenting and just trying to figure things out, hopefully filling in the blanks in my knowledge (and there’s a lot of those! ;P).


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