And now for something completely different… UI and UX!

Although still within the realm of creating music. One thing that also interests me is UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) and I’ve done this in various capacity, like for websites and games.

I use Studio One as my DAW (music program) and I’m very happy with it, but like with everything else it’s not perfect and there’s things that bug me about it – things that could be improved. So instead of just complaining about it, I sat down a wrote a very detailed UI/UX feedback post on their forum, to bring some of my issues to light and provide solutions, as well as reasoning for why these things should be changed/added.

I started it yesterday and just now finished it, as well as posted it. So if you’re interested you can head over to PreSonus’ forum and read it, but I will warn you: It is very long, but it does contain pictures! 🙂 Feeling brave then? Have at it.


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