I’m learning how to control a string section

I own Hollywood Strings because you got to have a good strings library! However since I bought it (half a year ago or so) I haven’t really used it yet, let alone learned how to properly use it, because that’s more complicated (and deep) than at first glance. 😛

However I just spent 1½ hour playing around with it, trying to understand the different controls, patches and so on, so that I can actually create the things I want eventually. I got some of the basic stuff down now, like controlling legato changes, which patches to use for different expressions, controlling expressions and such.

While doing this I made a small piece (not at all a complete piece, but just something to kind of do while learning, to create something as a whole, instead of just small pockets of “what does this do”). It has 1st and 2nd violins playing, as well as celli and basses. It’s not a complex piece, but a short little fun one (which ends abruptly). Enjoy! 🙂

String Test 01


A thank you to Aiyn Zahev Sounds

Hello! I hope you have all made it safely into 2015! 🙂

This first post of 2015 is a thank you to Aiyn Zahev Sounds, who, just before 2014 ended, helped me out with a kind gesture which means I’ve made an important step in better understanding how to create music – and create big sounds, so that’s pretty awesome!

I also purchased a few soundbanks from him, because they’re pretty damn sweet! Check out his work if you’re looking for some new sounds. He has made packs for a lot of different synths and what I’ve heard has all been quality work.

I’m always very grateful for the people who extend help to me, sharing knowledge with me, so I can become better. It means a lot and it’s awesome that I’ve met people who’ve been very open to helping me out. Thank you!