Another Surge update, now WIP 19!

I really feel that this track is moving along, which is nice! I think I’m at a point where I can move on to the next section as well, and I know how most of the rest of the track will go. This bodes well for me actually completing this track, which is most exciting. 😛

I’ve also done some more work on getting it to sound better – more professional. There’s still a good way to go, but I think it’s improving at least. Apparently multiband compression is really helpful in this regard, so I’ve explored that a bit. I’ve also done more surgical EQ’ing, which seems to be quite good too (surprise!).

But yeah, have a listen and let me know what you think! 🙂

Surge (WIP 019)

And just because; here’s a screenshot of how it looks in Studio One currently:


One response to “Another Surge update, now WIP 19!

  1. Man it’s so hard to leave feedback when i don’t know the proper name for most of the things you’re messing with 🙂
    I really feel like it’s starting to take shape now, got some nice transitions in there, the double-speed sub-beat and the underlaying bassline helps support the track well.
    It even feels like you cleaned up the underlying constant hum of overlaying constant beats, though that might be more due to perception at the time of listening.

    Overall, good improvement from the last version.


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