Surge update, WIP 009

Just a small update to Surge since haven’t had a lot of time to work on it, but never the less a few things have happened.

So uh, have a listen below and let me know what you think, thanks! 🙂

Surge (WIP 009)


3 responses to “Surge update, WIP 009

  1. Liking that the bass beat got highlighted a bit more, seems like a more balanced soundscape.
    As a layman – it seems you work a lot on establishing a baseline for your tracks, i’ve noticed some others put in a new layer of sounds that have it’s queues spaced out much further, sometimes even appearing purposely misaligned to the main beat, which i find gives the track that extra something – does this make any sense to you?


    • Yeah, basslines is something I really want to become better at since they mean a lot for a trance track.
      You naturally have a ton of options, but for now I’m keeping it fairly simple to not end up confusing myself more than I already am. 😛 Basically what I’m doing now are rolling basslines, and the one for this track is even incredibly simple. It’s 4 hits per bar (it has a hit on the kick as well, which is not really common, but I felt it created a better groove having it (it’s still sidechain compressed after all)) and it doesn’t change the note, however I will probably expand on that.
      I’m also thinking of layering another one on top of it to create some diversity, but yeah, most important thing about this track is to get it DONE. Still has to be good, but I’m allowing myself some freedom to just go “eh, it’s good enough” and move on. 🙂


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