As She Passes Through The Storm – The Final Version is released and free to download!

Cover - Final Rework (1200)And about time as well! But yes, I’ve released the final version of As She Passes Through The Storm now and it’s free to download (with the option to donate, if you want)! The download will allow you to get it in lossless quality, which means 24-bit/48 kHz for this piece, but “normal” compressed formats are available as well (that’s the wonderful thing about Bandcamp; you’re given the choice of format you want, which includes lossless as well).

This piece is the first (and so far only) thing I have ever just played using my MIDI keyboard. It’s played in one go – just me going at it. This also means that it’s not the most complicated or structured piece, but even so I think it has a certain something to it, despite its simplicity. It also means that it has a few minor timing issues, but so be it. It IS after all the first time I’ve ever played the piano for real (remember that I have no idea what I’m doing – just trying to learn 😉 ), so of course it won’t be perfect.

I will go over the technical aspects of the track below, but before that you should give it a listen! 🙂

As She Passes Through The Storm (The Final Version)

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As She Passes Through The Storm is getting close…

Think I’ve mostly got everything sorted out for that final version, however right now I’m having a bit of an issue with some distortion, mainly in the upper frequency range. It’s not very audible, but it’s there. Not sure where it comes from, but it might be the exciter module in Ozone 6. Regardless I obviously need to get that sorted before I can release the final version. I’m looking into it, but it takes a little while to properly find the cause and fix it.

Oh yeah, I upgraded to Ozone 6 a week or so ago, since they were having a sale on it, so figured I might as well… 🙂

Updated the Annual Trance List 2014 page

I added an embedded YouTube playlist of all the tracks in the Annual Trance List 2014, because that’s a whole lot easier for you than having to click each link for each song… 🙂

The other solution was to embed each track as a video, but that would make the page very long and very slow, because there’d be 19 embedded videos, so embedding a playlist is the way to go. It also means you can just start it and do something else while listening, instead of having to activate the next track each time.

An update on “As She Passes Through The Storm”

Well, not really… At least not in the sense that I actually managed to finish that final version.

I kind of got distracted by Surge and what not. However there’s no reason for me to not just do the few last bits needed and get that final version done. I aim to have it out before 2014 ends – then I can also stop having it poke me from the back of my mind. 😛

As She Passes Through The Storm WILL see that final version very soon!

Another new section added: Annual Trance List

I figured why not make a list of some of my favourite trance tracks at the end of each year? So I did and that’s now the Annual Trance List on this site.

Might be nice for other people to see some of my favourites from the past year as well as share their own in the comments, seeing as I haven’t heard every track released this year, so I might have missed some awesome ones. 🙂

You’ll find the link in the menu up top or follow this link straight to it.

New section added: Free Presets

I’ve added a new section to the site where I will post any presets I feel like giving away. I’m not much of a sound designer (hey, I don’t know what I’m doing!), but sometimes I do end up with something fancy and I might want to make it available for everyone, so yeah, that’s what that page is about.

Right now it only has presets for Hive, but I’m sure more will follow here and there. 🙂

You will find the menu item up in the top right of the page or you can click this link.

I hope you’ll enjoy the presets! 🙂

Here’s another Hive preset for you!

Made another little preset yesterday (finally had some time to play around with Hive again) and I think it turned out quite well. It’s called “SEQ Baby Acid” because it tries to be acid, but just can’t quite get there. 🙂

Hive – SEQ Baby Acid

Download the preset: SEQ Baby Acid.

Here’s a screenshot of how the preset looks inside Hive:


Into the Hive

So u-he released an almost-beta-version of Hive today, which is basically their answer to Sylenth1. A low-CPU synth capable of supersaw sounds and such – basically an EDM synth. 🙂

I’ve been waiting for the beta to be released so I could try it out, so it was quite exciting to be able to finally do just that! This thing is pretty sweet, but that’s pretty much a guarantee with things from u-he.

I’ve been messing around with it for a little bit and came up with a few different things. It’s wonderfully easy to work with, making it very straight-forward to create things in and just get going.

I was working on a sort of lead sound, but then it accidentally ended up being a pretty massive hoover bass sound… 🙂

Download the preset: BA Massive Hoover.

I also made a nice little plucky sequence:

Download the preset: SEQ Go Pluck Yourself.

All in all it’s a very nice synth and I’m sure it will see many preset packs released for it. 🙂 I’ll be sure to pick it up at least!