As She Passes Through The Storm – The Final Version is getting close

I’ve been working on finishing the final version of As She Passes Through The Storm and it’s almost there. I’m just spending some time listening to it and making sure I catch all the minor stuff that I want to fix. Since I’m making this the final version, I want to make sure I don’t have to re-visit it and make a final final version. 😉

But in essence I hope to release the final version of it very soon.


Reload Reloaded

I’ve been thinking a little bit about Reload the past few days, and I just might pick it up again some time soon.

Listening to it I think I sort of know why I got stuck on it. I tried to force it to be a standard trance track, but it isn’t really. It has trance elements, but it also kind of breaks away from it. My new plan is to simply not try to force it to be something it’s not, and instead just let it be whatever it will be.

A quick Prototype update – now with less noise

Just a quick update on Prototype since I’ve managed to get the “noise” under control, so I figured I’d throw that one up here as well. Yeah, that’s about all there is to this update… 😛

As always let me know what you think! 🙂

Prototype (WIP 78)

More Prototype, talking about the changes made to the mix

Did a few minor things to the “mix” of Prototype. It was a bit “noisy” – probably too high saturation, so I toned that down a bit and made a few other minor tweaks. So before I go on and talk about the what I actually did to improve the overall sound, I’ll just throw the latest WIP. Feel free to let me know how you think this compares to WIP 66 and 75. 🙂

Prototype (WIP 76)

For shit and giggles here’s a screenshot of how this segment looks in my DAW currently.



Right, so some of the major things I did between WIP 66 and 75 to improve the sound…

On the lead synth I vastly changed the EQ’ing. Mid/Side and Left/Right both being used. For instance the frequencies around 4-6k (give or take) have been boosted using left and right, meaning there’s two separate boosts a bit apart, one being for the left channel and the other for the right. This helps widen the sound and make it bigger. There’s also some general Mid/Side EQ’ing going on, mostly boosting the high frequencies again, but only the side, as well as low cutting the low frequencies (400 or so and down) in the mid. As you can see from the screenshot there’s 3 EQ’s on the lead. On for general tweaking, then the Mid/Side stuff and then Left/Right.
I added some more complex and heavy saturation to it as well, after the EQ’ing (before it was, yeah, before the EQ’ing), which has made the sound a bit fuller without dipping too much into the lower frequencies.

The basses, kick and such have also had some Mid/Side EQ treatment.

In general I tweaked track volumes and basically made sure there was more headroom before it entered the master bus.

On the master bus I went from using a single compressor (which was doing more heavy compression) to using two, that each do much lighter compression. The EQ’ing is between the two of them, but that hasn’t really changed much.
Made some changes to Presswerk and how it was doing its job, after having read the user guide and gotten a bit more knowledge about some of the settings.

Ozone is not active right now, but not for any particular reason. The current setup is just easier to work with (less CPU usage for instance) and is good enough right now.

Again it’s far from perfect, but it’s an improvement and I’ve learned quite a bit, so it’s another step taken on the road to becoming better. 🙂

All the Mid/Side EQ stuff is sort of painfully obvious, I just kind of never thought about it. Now that I have this in my toolbox it’s powerful knowledge I can use in more situations to control what’s going on. Likewise utilize Left/Right far more to help widen things or otherwise just have control.

Now, however, it’s time to start progressing more with the actual track…:)

Update on Prototype, now WIP 75!

Despite knowing damn well I shouldn’t be doing this kind of stuff now, I’ve been playing around with the track to improve the openness and overall sound. It was just becoming a thorn in my side and I wanted to at least improve it so I had a better idea of how it was sounding, closer to the sound I was looking for.

And you know what? I’m happy to say that I managed to improve the sound quite a bit, if I do say so myself. It’s obviously not perfect or comparable to a professionally mixed and mastered track (and again there’s no reason to spend too much time doing that right now anyway), but it is a whole lot better and gives me a better idea of how the sounds and track is working, as it were.

I’ve mainly worked on the master bus chain, with a few minor changes within single tracks. Right now the master bus is using a chain of FabFilter Pro-C, FabFilter Pro-Q 2, u-he Presswerk, FabFilter Pro-Q 2 and FabFilter Pro-L (yep, no iZotope Ozone right now).

First compressor applies light compression, then into the first EQ to adjust some frequencies, then into the second compressor which also applies light compression and some “color”, into the second EQ which just cuts off the highs and lows and then the limiter for, well, limiting.

Give it a listen and possibly compare it to WIP 66 and let me know what you think!

Prototype (WIP 75)