Some new content, Jeff Kurtenacker CD and an update on As She Passes Through The Storm

So many things!

Let’s start with the Jeff Kurtenacker CD: I received a CD he composed called Images of RMNP yesterday (autographed as well, thanks Jeff!) and I was blown away listening to it. Just an amazingly wonderful emotive journey, perfectly crafted by Jeff. I want to urge you to get your hands on it, because it’s fantastic! Right now there’s even the chance of getting an autographed version as well, if you hurry. You can grab that directly from Jeff’s page.
It’s a joint project between him and his friend, photographer Erik Stensland, who has taken some amazing photographs and created the base for the project – a project that resulted in some wonderful music as well.

New content? Why yes, indeed! I obviously got inspired by what Jeff created and wanted to make sure I could still not create anything remotely like it, so I went into Studio One and fired up The Grand 3 and Hollywood Strings and, uh… Did things. Just messing around and trying out different things, but I do have a nice little start going, I think, and you can listen to it below.

Untitled (WIP 01)


Regarding As She Passes Through The Storm I’ve come to a point where I’m considering just keeping the piano as it is, meaning the version you’ve already heard, and just adjust the reverb and such to make it sit as I want. Reason? I’m not really getting the same feeling from it using The Grand 3 – the conversion is basically a lot more tricky than I thought, and I seem to always end up with a result that’s not quite where I want it to be, compared to the original and how it was played. So yeah, it would probably just make the most sense to not try to fix something that’s not really broken. 🙂


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