Plug-ins, software, more!?!

Actually no… It’s kind of dawned on me that I’m in a pretty good place regarding software and plug-ins. There’s not really anything left that I feel I need, and only really two things left I feel like I want, which is Reveal Sound Spire and iZotope/BT BreakTweaker. BreakTweaker is even on sale right now (until the 18th), $100 off, which is pretty nice. But I don’t have the money right now and as said, it’s not something I desperately need, so I can wait.
Spire I still want, despite having plenty of synths already. I have the demo version installed and play around with it every now and then. I like its sound and it’s rather good for the kind of music I make, but again it’s not something I need so I’ll wait until there’s a sale and I have the cash to spare. I’m probably also better off learning to utilize my current synths more. 😉

With Serum bought I also don’t really need Native Instruments Massive, which means getting Komplete isn’t exactly a high priority. It might happen at some point, but it certainly isn’t going to be any time soon.

My next software purchase is likely going to be the version 3 update of Studio One, once that’s released. I’m anxious to see what it will bring! There’s certainly things missing from it (no DAW is perfect after all) and things I would like to see improved. And yes, I have made a feature request post on their forum, so hopefully some of the stuff will make it in. 🙂


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