Serum, pianos and basslines, oh my!

Haven’t had the chance to do much work on As She Passes Through The Storm, but I did manage to solve the lack of openness in the track. In doing that though I need to adjust some note velocities again. I got the velocity curve pretty well dialed in again, but there’s still notes that aren’t behaving as they should. 😉 Basically the main problem is that the hammer hits are much more audible in The Grand 3 and that changes the tone of the piece. Obviously by playing the notes softer you also reduce how loud the hammer hits the string, but it does make things a little tricky because I also have to be careful not to go too soft on all the notes, as that again will change the tone of the piece. So yeah, there’s a bit of fiddling left to do still. 🙂

As for Prototype I received some bassline examples back from Arjen Lead today, so huge thanks to him for helping me out (again)! I will go through them tomorrow and figure out things (and probably bug him later because there’s stuff I don’t understand ;)) and start to progress further with the track.

I’ve had a piano piece brewing in my head for the past few days as well, so it’s likely I’ll jump on that, possibly tomorrow, and get it made. 🙂

I’ve picked up Serum (a synth) and looking forward to really using it (aside from just playing around with it for demoing purposes). I think I have some bass sound ideas so I will probably try out a few things for Prototype using it, but we’ll see how it goes.

That’s about it for now… I hope I will have some new content to post very soon instead of just talking random crap. 😛


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