Why trance music?

Trance music is sort of special in a few ways. Some people absolutely love it while others aren’t exactly fans – there’s often no middle ground (from what I’ve seen). In my experience a lot of the dislike comes from the lack of variation in the beat for instance, which I can understand, but it is a building block of trance in the way it works. Basically people will go “it all sounds the same” which is partially true unless you listen with ears that love the genre. Granted though, some stuff does sound the same, but there’s plenty of variation to be found.

Trance is also special in other regards. It’s the only genre of music I’ve experienced that has the connection between the fans that it has. There’s the popular #TranceFamily hashtag and you know what? It’s not that far from the truth. If you love trance you have a family among everyone else who does, because trance music just creates something special, a sort of connection, between all the people who like it.

I usually say that I’m happy that I “get” trance, because it truly is magical. However saying that it could sound like I’m saying that people who don’t “get it” are “stupid”. That’s certainly not the case – it is after all just a music genre and it’s not for everybody, as with all other genres of music. But if you “get” trance and get past the point where you think it just all sounds the same and embrace what it really is, you are in for something special. But if you don’t and don’t like it, that’s perfectly fine too – we’re all different, after all, and that’s not a bad thing. 🙂

It’s hard to describe trance music to someone who doesn’t “get” what it means, but easy to someone who does because you share the connection of what it does to you. Trance is standing in a crowd of 10,000 people and when the climax in the song hits you know every single person in that crowd is feeling the exact same thing as you. Then repeat that for a few hours. It’s a release of happiness – it’s just pure joy (even without drugs, mind you). Dash Berlin, a trance DJ and producer, for instance does not use drugs nor even drink, but when you see him doing shows he’s the most energetic and life-affirming person you will find there. Why? Because this is a man doing what he loves to do. He’s being fueled by sheer enjoyment of being in the position he is and the energy from the crowd. It’s inspiring to watch and we need more people like that, because that’s what life is about – it’s what trance music is about; enjoying life.

So how did I come across trance music and how did I end up wanting to make it? Honestly I can’t really say. I’m a rocker by heart and I probably always will be, but I’ve always had an interest in electronic music (add to that my broad taste in music) with Euro Dance way back when, as well as of course Faithless, The Crystal Method, Pendulum, Astral Projection, Prodigy, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Sneaker Pimps, Olive and so on…
I think when I started trying to make music I sort of went for Drum & Bass, and then talking to other people making music in various communities I got introduced to more EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and trance that way, which ended up with me really taking a liking to trance.

As I said I’m happy I found trance music because it really is rather special, if for nothing else it’s at least special to me. The things I feel listening to trance music is also why I want to be able to make it. If I can create those feelings in someone else through my music, well shit, that’s just ultimately fantastic and so incredibly powerful.

I should of course note that I don’t think trance music is the only powerful genre that’s able to create emotions in people, because basically all genres are able to do that. It’s all in the eye (or ear rather) of the beholder and we relate to different things, because we’re different people. 🙂 I just wanted to write something about what trance music means to me and why I want to be able to make it.


One response to “Why trance music?

  1. While i enjoy one or two trance tracks occasionally, i dont have the same passion for trance, but i tottally understand your reasoning, Good explanation for your passion 🙂


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