Just a quick update

Figured I’d write a little update on what’s going on.

For Prototype I’ve sent some MIDI off to Arjen Lead and he will get back to me with some examples of how to get a bassline to match the lead melody. It’s something I’ve seen talked about, having the bassline match the overall melody, but I have no idea what it actually means in detail – how to do it. Luckily Arjen is there to help me, so I’m just waiting for him to get back to me once he’s had time to look at it.

I’m almost where I want to be with the conversion of As She Passes Through The Storm to use The Grand 3, but there’s still a bit of manual tweaking to be done to get it to sound like I want and how it sounded when I was playing it.

But yeah, that’s about it for now… More soon! 😛


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