Some thoughts on the Prototype breakout part

Figured I’d share a few thoughts I’ve had working on the breakout part of Prototype and where I’m sort of at in regard to progressing on it.

As could be read yesterday I’ve fixed an issue with distortion in the lead synth, which gives me a bit more freedom to do things with it (push it harder for instance).

It’s still (the entire breakout part) sounding a bit too hollow and thin, but I’ll deal with that (more) once I get some low-end into it as well, since that alone should help a bit. Never the less I’m aware and it’s of course something that needs to be dealt with. The problem I’m facing (and will be facing) is getting a full, open and “hands in the air” sound going while making room for the other things as well. However I won’t really do that too much now because it will change as I add more elements (as I have to juggle frequencies to give them each a spot in the frequency spectrum).

I’m thinking of making the lead synth progression an 8-bar loop instead of the current 4 just to give it some more variation. But on the other hand this is trance and sometimes simple is just fine. Once more elements are added it’s also likely to be less of an issue, as opposed to now where it’s really the only attention-grabbing thing and thus stands out a bit more.

In terms of how it’s progressing overall I think it’s coming along nicely. I might shift some things around and what not, but it’s certainly not sounding too badly at this stage. I also think I know how I want to go into the breakout part, but you won’t hear that yet.

I need to make a bassline that fits it (the lead melody) which will likely require me to bug Arjen Lead and make him tell me about practices for doing just that (as opposed to me blindly trying to just do something). 🙂

On a small side-note I’ve also managed to configure my new PreSonus Eris E8 studio monitors so they’re playing pretty good for the room. Think there’s still a few tweaks left to be made, but I’ll get to that. 🙂

Anyway I’ve made another WIP render of it which just has some minor tweaks and the non-distorted synth. For instance I’ve removed the vocal effect again because it was crowding the frequency range of the lead synth as well as being very repetitive. Conclusion is that I just don’t have the samples to do what I want.

Prototype (WIP 62)


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