A zebra, a compressor and some distortion walks into a bar…

Working a bit on Prototype yesterday I finally found the cause of some distortion I was hearing in the lead synth. Most noticeably it could be heard in the beginning as the filter opened up in the lower/mid frequencies as well as in the reverb tail, which was a bit noisy. Most of it was masked by the EQ’ing which is why it didn’t really stuck out all too much, but could still be sensed.

I decided to take a bit of time to find the cause, as it was actually quite a lot of distortion (which could really be heard if I disabled the EQ) and it was getting on my nerves and causing some issues. The cause? The compressor within Zebra2 was set to “strong” and changing it to “smooth” cleared it right up – no more distortion. Not sure why the distortion was there in the first place with the “strong” compressor mode, because I wasn’t hitting any CPU limit or anything, but maybe I pushed it harder than I was supposed to.

I’ll probably do a bit of investigating and see if this is something I should report to the kind people at u-he or if it’s just me being clueless. 🙂

Never the less having done all of that requires me to reconfigure the synth a bit and get it back into shape – not to mention do some of the stuff I couldn’t do before because it was problematic with the underlying distortion in the sound.


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