Update on Prototype: WIP 60

Before I head out for the evening to dinner with some friends, I’ll give you this update to the breakout part.

I’ve added some effects and extended it a bit as well – it’s not sounding too shabby, there’s definitely something to work with here.

The vocal effect that comes in and runs between the two reverse vocals is unlikely to stay – at least not in the way it is now. It’s just an experiment that isn’t quite working, but for this WIP I’ll keep it in so you can hear it. It would probably work better if I had some more variation in the vocals to work with, but I only have so many samples (the Siren by Veela sample pack).

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! 🙂

Prototype (WIP 60)


2 responses to “Update on Prototype: WIP 60

  1. Really liking the repeater/stutter effect on the vocals viper, about the transition that i mentioned earlier, i think it has more to do with me wanting the drop to replace or at least subdue the vocal for a bit.


    • The stuttery effect is ok, but it’s not good enough at this point. It needs some variation (in the vocal itself) and probably less pronounced stutter (it’s actually more trance gating).
      I can try and sidechain the “explosion” to the vocals and see how that works out.


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