Prototype breakout part update: WIP 57

Managed to work a bit on Prototype today so here’s another WIP clip.

I made some tweaks to the synth and I think it sits a little better now. It’s still a bit too brittle and kind of pierces your skull after a while (not quite what I’m going for), but I think it’s partly because there’s no lower-end stuff playing for the majority of the time, so it should help a bit once I get some bass in there as well to balance it out. Once that’s done I’ll see if I need to tame it further (that’ll also be easier when having all elements playing at the same time).

I also extended it a bit, basically trying out another little segment. I have a snare roll and a bit of kick roll as well leading up to the re-introduction of the kick. Again it’s important to note that this segment as I’m working on it now is just a test segment and doesn’t necessarily mean that the track will end up like this (but it is likely though).

The kick has been pushed more into focus once it re-enters the track – after all this is trance and the kick is majorly important. 🙂

I think the next step is to get some sort of bassline going that will fit with the breakout part and get that in there. I will likely also try out a few effects here and there to help the segment be more interesting, despite that I should probably wait till later with that… Oh well, I’m a rebel without a sauce! 😛

Prototype (WIP 57)


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