It’s time! Welcome!

I hereby open the doors to, well, this site… So uh, welcome! =)

What is this all about you might ask. I’ll tell you (I’m a friendly guy like that)! It’s a place for me to gather feedback and interest in my music (or attempts at music). The more in-depth reason you can find in the About section on the site. Basically I’m hoping people will join me on this ride that is me learning to create music – it’ll be fun for all of us, I promise! 😛

It might even be of interest for others learning to create music as we can help each other out. I very much plan to share many of my thoughts about what I’m doing, what troubles I’m facing and so on. Likewise I’m very likely to also explain how I’m doing certain things, because maybe that gives someone else an idea for something.

Gearing up for this thing going “live” (it sounds way more formal than it is) I have made a few posts and I think it’s worth putting some of those into the spotlight so you can quickly get to the good parts.

Saying thank you is a post where I take a minute to thank some of the people who are already helping me in various ways. They surely deserve to be recognized and I’m ever grateful for their help. 🙂

Then I talked about (as well as posted) my first ever actually keyboard played and recorded piano piece in As She Passes Through The Storm, a piano piece.

My first ever completed track, done years ago in Reason, got some attention in Drum & Bass One remastering, where I posted the “remastered” version as well as talking a bit about it.

However the main focus has been Prototype, which is the track I am currently working on. It’s a trance track and it’s going through a lot of changes currently which I explained in the post The state of Prototype. You can always check at the top of the sidebar, to see what track I’m currently working on, and click the link to see all related posts.


Other interesting things to say is that you should check out the different sections of the site (menu up at the top to the right) to get more information and of course listen to my music. 🙂

Upcoming stuff you ask? More Prototype as I progress and I’m also thinking about writing a post about why I’ve gotten into trance and what it means to me, just for the hell of it. 🙂

Once again a huge welcome and I hope you’ll join me in this wonderful journey that is learning to create music! 🙂


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