A new version of the Prototype breakout part

Made a few tweaks mainly to the low frequency delay that happens as the synth filters down before the kick comes in. It will probably need further tweaking later, but for now it’ll stay as-is and I’ll move on to other things. After all the idea is there and there might be other elements at play in the segment that will use it (if it’s even used) which will require that I tweak it as well, so no reason to spend too much time on it now.

I also reduced the loudness a bit as it was a tad too much. Once the final track is ready and I actually have to mix and master it I will try and make it more dynamic as opposed to loud, but it being trance and something you’d play in a club or such, well, loudness is a factor. On the other hand I doubt any club would want to play my stuff anyway so I’m getting ahead of myself. 😛

Anyway here’s the latest version…

Prototype (WIP 56)


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