Working on the breakout part for Prototype

Today I’ve been doing a bit of work on Prototype, more specifically trying out things for the breakout part and slowly adding more elements to it.

I’ve been tweaking the lead synth itself a bit as well and I think it sounds better now. I’ve also added a little “breakdown” of the synth as it prepares for the kick to, well, kick in again. 🙂
I basically LP filter the synth down, increase the resonance of the filter, mix in some flanging, decrease the panning width and mix in some trance gating. Then I felt it needed something more and with the trance gating effect I figured it’d be ideal to add in another delay effect and have that kind of give it a bit of movement, so that’s what I did! The delay also gets its panning width increased – and it starts to decrease again 1 bar into the segment where the kick is back. I think it really adds a nice little touch to the “breakdown”.

Anyway enough talk, here’s what it sounds like.

Prototype (WIP 50)

I’m also using a kick from Sean Tyas’ wonderful kick sample pack, which I can highly recommend (good price too)! I used to spend so much time trying to get a proper kick and usually end up failing anyway. Could never really find one that fit, trying to make my own didn’t really work too well either… Layering I got sort of close, but never really… Now I just find one that suits what I’m doing among the 200 Sean provided and I’m basically good to go. Don’t need to do anything else. Awesome stuff! 🙂

Sean also had this to say about it on Twitter after I shared my excitement. 😛


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