Fun with Bazille

So a little while back I was playing with the beta version of u-he’s Bazille and had a ton of fun with it. It’s fun because it’s modular and works by you connecting cables in whatever way you like (takes me back to more Reasonable times (get it? Terrible pun, I’m sorry (not really) 😉 )) to create super funky things.

I didn’t play with it for too long but did make an interesting little patch, albeit not one that’s super complex. It’s a single instance of Bazille playing it all (not counting the kick drum).

Bazille Testing 01

And here’s a screenshot of Bazille with this patch loaded:


I ended up buying the synth the next day, because as I said: It’s tons of fun! I highly recommend it! Also it’s 30% off until release (which should be end of September or so) and possibly a few weeks after that. If you want it then get it now, because u-he does not do sales, ever. 🙂


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