Drum & Bass One remastering

The only track I’ve ever really completed is Drum & Bass One (how’s that for an imaginative title?) and it was done in Reason some years back. Back then I had even less of a clue regarding what I was doing (if you can imagine that) and the result in terms of sound quality for this track was, well, not very good.
However recently I took some of the stuff I’ve learned since then and made a quick “remaster” within Reason and it helped the track a fair amount – at least it made it sound less muffled and distant.

There’s still things that needs to be done to it to make it even better and that will still happen, but I’m not sure when. The plan is to strip it of its effects, side-chaining and so on within Reason and export the stems to do a proper remaster within Studio One with the effects and such in there. Likely some samples will be changed and other things improved and tweaked. I think the track itself is pretty decent – it has some good elements – so I want to try and get it in better shape. 🙂

Anyway the current remastered version can be heard below.


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