As She Passes Through The Storm, a piano piece

Not too long ago I did something I haven’t done before… I sat down in front of my keyboard and just played whatever came to me – and recorded it. Up until now every melody I’ve made has been done by inserting notes using the mouse in the sequencer. I didn’t feel comfortable doing anything else and quite honestly I still don’t. Regardless there’s only one way to get past that and that’s doing it more – after all I’m not going to get better at it by not doing it.

It’s a pretty simple piece, because yeah, I have no idea how to actually play the piano. It’s in F minor to at least not just do something in C major and take the easy way out, but at the same time there’s no chords or anything in the piece, because I really have no idea how to play those yet. I know about chords and such, but I’m not in a position where I can play them on my keyboard. My fingers and brain just aren’t able to do that while playing a piece, I just don’t have the skill yet – that will require practice, and a lot of it (surprise!).

Despite it being simple (which isn’t always a bad thing) I think I got a pretty good result for a first try. The linked version is a reworked version (actually the 5th reworked version) where I’ve fixed the worst timing issues (there’s still a few minor ones, but so be it) and a few notes that didn’t quite sit well. I managed to stay within the scale during the entire time playing (I’d better, since it was so simple), but there were a few notes here and there that just kind of didn’t sit well in the progression, so I fixed those too.
Basically I did this because I thought the piece itself was good and deserved to not have all those little mistakes, especially the worst timing issues, taking away from it.
There’s also been some reverb, EQ, compressor and such changes made too.

It’s a fairly haunting and soulful piece I would say and was just played with my brain switched off while hitting the keys. It was played in one go as well, all 6 minutes of it.

I will admit that I’m quite happy with how it turned out, it being my first attempt and everything. More importantly it gave me more desire to actively do this more so I can learn to better play the piano and do more of these pieces, adding complexity and musicality as I (hopefully) get better. 🙂

I will probably release a new version of it once I buy The Grand 3, giving the piano itself a better sound. There’s also a few minor things I want to tweak, for instance with the reverb so it sits a bit better.

Anyway, here’s the piece!


You can download this song from Bandcamp for free (in 24-bit/96 kHz lossless if you want), albeit “only” the reworked version 4, as the 5th one is more an experiement and I’ll wait with updating the Bandcamp version until I make version 6 (with The Grand 3). Donating is also an option, but that’s up to you! 🙂


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